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  • interdigit — That part of the hand or foot lying between any two adjacent fingers or toes. * * * in·ter·dig·it (in″tər dijґit) the space between two contiguous fingers or toes …   Medical dictionary

  • interdigit interval — When pulse dialing is used, you need a certain amount of time free of clicks so the phone company knows that the digit is finished. When you are dialing on a rotary phone, you don t need to worry about this because the time it takes to turn the… …   Dictionary of telecommunications

  • Pulse dialing — Middle 20th century rotary dial telephone Pulse dialing, dial pulse, or loop disconnect dialing, also called rotary or decadic dialling in the United Kingdom (because up to 10 pulses are sent), is pulsing in which a direct current pulse train is… …   Wikipedia

  • VoIP Dial Plan — Voice over IP Dial Plans for both phone devices and PBXes. Preface This article discusses the essentials of a VoIP dial plan, detailed examples, and necessary guidelines pertaining to the order of dial plans. Dial plans are one of the most… …   Wikipedia

  • Módem — Para otros usos de este término, véase Modem (desambiguación). Un módem (Modulador Demodulador) es un dispositivo que sirve para enviar una señal llamada moduladora mediante otra señal llamada portadora. Se han usado módems desde los años 60,… …   Wikipedia Español

  • automatic station release —    A PBX system feature that automatically releases and locks out an extension when a digit is not dialed within the dial timeout period, exceeds the interdigit timeout period, or is not disconnected after a call is completed. The PBX can be… …   IT glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations

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